• The Lighthouse has been my saving grace.  Even when I've slipped.  I'm not perfect, on a few occasions I drank beer and the staff was there to set me straight each time.  The Lighthouse has been my safe harbor and, in my opinion, has saved my life.  - Arnold T.
  • I lived at the Lighthouse for 23 months.  I was helped to overcome alcohol and anxiety.  I feel I not only helped myself, but was able to help other people.  For this I am grateful.  - James
  • I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  I have referred a number of clients to the Lighthouse Foundation for help with addiction problems. Clients have reported to me and I have witnessed the effectiveness of the sober living service the Lighthouse Foundation provides.  -  Karen S.
  • Brotherhood is why the Santa Barbara Lighthouse is good for me.  It allows me a clean and sober environment to live and the chance to help others who have succumbed to the disease of alcohol and drugs.  By helping people like me, or should I say US, I realize a lot about myself and my defects of character.  -  J.
  • Eddie is the best manager, and most caring guy I've met in a sober living house. - Andrew O.